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Benefits of Psychotherapy

griefThe benefits of psychotherapy are numerous. When you invest your time, effort and money into developing self awareness, confidence and resilience, you will reap the benefits of growth and appreciation not only within yourself but in all of your relationships. This is invaluable at a time when your mental and emotional resources are low. What could be more valuable? Why would you continue to delay the benefits of psychotherapy by ignoring the signs, suppressing your emotions and burying mental anguish?

Why invest your time? You may think to yourself that you don’t have the time to meet for sessions or that you don’t want to deal with difficult emotions and thoughts. Think back to all the time spent ruminating about things beyond your control. Remember when you felt so alone. How long have you suffered unsatisfying relationships without seeking professional help. These are precisely the things that rob you of your time and peace of mind. Psychotherapy is time invested in improving your life and valuing yourself well. Time is precious and you would be investing wisely in a psychotherapeutic treatment..

Why invest your energy? You may be suffering with low energy because of your mental and emotional states and you can’t imagine even beginning a therapy process. The very thought of discussing your problems or the prospect of learning new ways to approach your life may wear you out, even though you recognise that your old ways of coping simply don’t work anymore. Anxiety, depression and negative internal dialogue are all draining you natural resources. A psychotherapist can work collaboratively with you to help restore your energy. Once you decide to reach out for help and set aside your apprehensions, you are already on the road to breaking negative patterns and this is energy worth investing. This is an energising return on your investment in the work of psychotherapy. Change is a necessary and effective tool to make your life better.    

sorrow-699608__180Why invest your money? Usually people invest their money into something that will benefit them in some way. What could be more beneficial than improving your mental and emotional states? Psychotherapy is worth the financial investment because the return on your investment is yours to keep forever. You gain insight, understanding and improved relational skills, all of which you can keep and grow well beyond your time with a therapist. The benefits of psychotherapy support a method of self-care that is natural and effective. You will spend less money and time in your doctor’s surgery and reduce pharmacy medications for treating stress related issues. You will reap the benefits of improved sleep, reduced stress and increased productivity. Psychotherapy is an investment in emotional intelligence, clarity and self-compassion. Invest in who you are and live a more conscious, balanced life. You are worth every hour, effort and euro spent.

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My name is Lorna McGetrick and welcome to my private practice Room 2 Relate Counselling and Psychotherapy. My clinical practice is located 10 minutes from Dublin city centre in Drumcondra. I am a highly qualified Psychotherapist and hold a BA (Hons) degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am a committed professional who can help clients work with their issues and difficulties in a private, relaxed, safe and confidential environment.

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